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AppTrans Pro Cracked

AppTrans Pro Cracked

You can easily back up and restore WhatsApp data, iPhone, Android or any other app to computer with AppTrans Pro. All the WhatsApp data and files of your iPhone can be backed up, including contacts, call logs, messages, videos, audios, attachments, location, etc. You can make all kinds of backups from your iPhone to computer.

The backup of AppTrans Pro can be stored in different file format such as text, HTML, RTF, and JPEG. It can backup all kinds of files on iPhone. In terms of the iPhone backup, the backup of AppTrans Pro can be compatible with the following iPhone models: iPhone5, iPhone5S, iPhone6, iPhone6Plus, iPhone6S, iPhone6S Plus, iPhone7, iPhone7 Plus, iPhone8 and iPhone8 Plus. Now you can get this software from the official website of AppTrans Pro Lifetime Version.

When you need to back up WhatsApp or other apps, or you need to restore app data from iTunes backup or Google Drive backup, now you can get help from AppTrans Pro. Because it is a multifunction tool, you can transfer WhatsApp chats from your old iPhone to new iPhone, or transfer WhatsApp to iPhone from Google Drive backup.

AppTrans Pro unites multiple backup tasks, including backing up documents, images, messages, and databases as a single backup package and incremental backup, back up documents with images. Additionally, it also supports for back up Android SMS, notes and Android Dialer and Android Phone informations. It does not only simply back up apps. AppTrans saves the modified information of apps to your phone and gets it back again if you need the old version of an app. The latest update of AppTrans Pro will fix most of the bugs

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AppTrans Pro Full Crack Download

AppTrans Pro Full Crack Download

If you’re looking for a way to get rid of all your data on your iPhone, iPad, Blackberry, or Windows PC, AppTrans Pro will work for you. Whatever data or apps you need to move from your old iPhone to your new Android/Windows Phone/Blackberry/Windows PC/Mac will be transferred in just one click. And that too without losing anything. This is a perfect solution for iPhone to iPhone transfer and several other situations.

Additionally, users can simply backup WhatsApp chats, contacts, groups, photos, voice messages, video messages and music on these platforms to Google Drive, iTunes, Windows Phone and PC/Mac. With AppTrans, you no longer have to worry about finding the right app to help you back up app data. AppTrans offers a variety of functions to meet the individual needs of all kinds of users, including Windows Phone, Apple iOS and Android devices.

With AppTrans, not only can it seamlessly transfer conversations, voice messages, app data, photos, contacts, calendars and more from one device to another, but also provide a backup and restore tool for data in the other category. Furthermore, AppTrans also enables users to perform WhatsApp cloning, transfer contacts, and combine data of multiple phones.

What if AppTrans manages to automatically switch to your new iPhone while it is transfering the data and apps from your old one? Well, that would be a pretty great user experience to say the least. AppTrans lets you apply intelligent A/B testing to see how you perform better than the app on your previous device. It can also apply the same settings to your new iPhone automatically.

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AppTrans Pro x64 Download Free Cracked Serial Key

AppTrans Pro x64 Download Free Cracked Serial Key

The platform is supported on different device regardless of the platform. All platforms. For example, Android AppTrans is the biggest boon for those who wish to switch from Android to iOS or any other platform. It allows users to back up apps from one mobile to another. I dont have an Apple phone, but I have a droid and iOS users would love this.
It also runs on PC/Mac and you can run the software on a windows or Mac desktop computer. Plus you can also install IPA files onto your windows or mac laptop/desktop with AppTrans as well. AppTrans is a free download and you will never pay a penny to use it on your desktop pc.

And now, you will need to move to the Browse button, select “APK/XAPK” and proceed by clicking “Install”. This will open AppTrans on your mobile phone. Now, you need to do the same on your laptop/desktop computer as well. And, you will see a message on the desktop app that says, “Device not support. Search again another device.” This will be only applicable if you want to export data from multiple devices. Otherwise, there will be no message.

Some of the real strength of AppTrans Pro is that it can be used with numerous Android phones and tablets in a few clicks. Not only you can transfer unlimited contacts, media files, and backup of entire apps, which are rarely one-click right. But you can also export data from the backup with data transfer feature.

There are lots of features to be aware of when using AppTrans Pro. You can synchronize the photos, video, music, and contacts between two smartphones to Apple and Android mobile devices. So, you can export text messages from the target mobile phone to a computer to view which means you can create a backup so you can restore mobile contacts if your original phone gets lost or damaged. Likewise, you can export the apps data and media files between one Android and iOS handset with no problems. The data can be viewed, copied, and shared with no hassles and can be imported to a new phone.

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What’s new in AppTrans Pro

What's new in AppTrans Pro

  • Improvement for iPad
  • Bug fix

AppTrans Pro Features

AppTrans Pro Features

  • Simple to use
  • Convenient to use
  • Compatible with most mobile devices
  • Converts data from one mobile device to another mobile device

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