Cracked AVG PC TuneUp Free Download

AVG PC TuneUp Cracked Patch Windows Update For Free

AVG PC TuneUp Cracked Patch Windows Update For Free

Our main complaint about AVG PC TuneUp is that its not as robust as it could be, and should have more tools to meet the demands of Windows 10. Theres no mention of WinRAR, a very popular file archiving and compression tool, which TuneUp could easily incorporate into the Speed Up section. There also should be a built-in image backup tool similar to SuperDuper or WinImage for $20.

The Free Up Space task category has 3 different tools, and is where youll find the AVG PC TuneUp version of Disk Cleanup. The Easy Cleanup mode (the hardest setting) frees up space from the Recycle Bin and the system drive, plus removes temporary files.

The Free Up Space component of AVG PC TuneUp Patched includes the Uninstaller, which is actually one of the most useful tools in the software. This tool lets you select which programs to uninstall, and does a good job of removing everything, short of drivers and system tools.

If your PC is infected with malware, AVG TuneUp helps clean it up for free. This is because AVG says that its members are continually fixing malware that others cant detect, and by providing AVGs findings to the antivirus community, they can add AVG TuneUp to their scans as one of their daily scan options. Unfortunately, this doesnt work with Windows 10 systems, as it doesnt have its own built-in system checks. Perhaps a version of TuneUp that specifically targets Windows 10 would be a better idea. However, users of Windows 7, Vista, 8, and 8.1 should have no trouble removing malware.

As a basic system cleaner, AVG TuneUp removes debris found on the operating system. Unlike the other three mentioned in this section, it only offers desktop scans. This means that it will remove and reformat your drive. However, if you were doing a clean install of Windows 10, AVG will ask if youd like to skip the disk drive and install Windows 10 on the recovery drive instead. This can remove or ruin your existing Windows if you havent created an antimalware program yet. If you have, you can select it and remove these hidden files.

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Cracked AVG PC TuneUp Download Latest Version

Cracked AVG PC TuneUp Download Latest Version

In addition to the controls it offers, AVG TuneUp Pro (v7.31) has a nice interface as well. Its very user-friendly, simple, and comprehensive with all the necessary controls. For example, you can choose to run a scan once, daily, or even every week depending on how often you want the program to run.

That wraps up the two applications I recommend: AVG TuneUp Home Edition (v7.35) and AVG TuneUp Pro (v7.31). Both tools do a decent job at cleaning up your PC, and they do it in a way that isn’t too intrusive. We’ll see if AVG TuneUp next iteration will bring more options for advanced users. And with 2,000 reviews at this time, I think they can count on a large following.

While AVG TuneUp saw some good results for us, its also worth noting that AVG also had some results that were less than desirable. Namely, my boot time skyrocketed to 9 minutes, although it did reduce the number of scans AVG performed. This might be because of the fact that AVG TuneUp is a standalone tool as opposed to a part of AVG Security 2016. AVG Security isn’t quite as lightweight as Iolo System Mechanic, but it has a similar interface.

To take care of the little stuff, you can set a schedule to run AVG TuneUp on a regular basis. Its also worthwhile to check the status of your privacy settings. The former makes sense since AVG TuneUp installs the AVG system update tool, while the latter lets you see whether any of your apps or files are being tracked by third parties.The tool also has a clear preference page to let you turn on or off the behavior that youd like it to avoid.

After AVG PC TuneUp is set up, it is fairly easy to use, and you can set it to run at a scheduled time or whenever you want. Namely, you can set it to run once a day, once a week, or at a time of your choosing. Theres also an option for it to run automatically. Thats helpful if youre constantly on the go. After each scan, youre given a view of what AVG has found, and there is an option to see the full scan log. This is probably the best part of AVG PC TuneUp because it gives you a read-out of how much space your computer is using and how much more there could be if you were to do something like set a schedule to defragment your hard drive.

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AVG PC TuneUp Description

AVG PC TuneUp Description

The PC TuneUp program got under my skin a bit. One of the things I noticed immediately was the lack of included tools to help optimize a PC for games. In fact, PC TuneUp is all about cleaning up your system and perfecting your PC rather than helping you play your games.

Theres no way to completely remove malware, and PC TuneUp isn’t going to help you do that. On the plus side, it has plenty of options that will keep your systems registry clean. It runs through its gamut of features, scoring an 86 on our test PC. It did well, but what makes it stand out is its inclusion of the Fire Shredder app, which destroys files the instant you remove them.

As a slightly higher-priced alternative to AVG TuneUp, Iolo System Mechanic includes a number of tools to fix and optimize your systems performance. Theres a number of tools to help restore the registry to its pre-malware condition. There also an anti-malware and a process control utility for the PC.

Usage: This is the all-in-one tool that checks your computer for problems, and repairs them. Its not as highly interactive as other TuneUp tools, but it has a lot of tools, and is a well-rounded program. We did not have many issues with it, and it often identified problems we hadnt found on our own. The tool has powerful tools for fixing problems, including virus removal, system optimization, anti-malware, hard drive scan, and registry cleanup.

What I Like: Runs fast, and can access several tools in one application.

What I Dont Like: Scan methods are a little rough.

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AVG PC TuneUp Features

AVG PC TuneUp Features

  • Keeps track of your Windows Media Player settings
  • Cleans malware and makes system scans
  • Secures online banking
  • Finds possible privacy issues
  • Protects your files against viruses
  • Looks for and fixes any issues with your printer
  • Does major cleanup of viruses and junk on your PC
  • Cleans, optimizes, and removes browser trackers
  • Cleans your Windows registry
  • Looks for and repairs security problems with your machine
  • Cleans junk files to free up space
  • Erases your browsing history
  • Uninstalls programs
  • Sorts and organizes programs
  • Looks for and corrects problems that could cause problems
  • Cleans for trackers and cookies
  • Displays error messages

AVG PC TuneUp System Requirements

AVG PC TuneUp System Requirements

  • CPU: 1GHz
  • RAM: 256MB
  • Hard drive: 100MB or more

AVG PC TuneUp Lifetime Patch Key

  • 6E951-192ON-C5NTG-RAD7X-QQ1JB-3R9IC

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